Thank You to Those Who Make A Difference

The last two days have been a series of highs and lows, serious stress, frustrations and satisfactions, and re-recognizning that every day people are making a difference in each others’ lives in large and small ways. The large ways are often acknowledged. These are important acts and they need to be appreciated. Thank you!

But, to my mind, even more important are the little gifts that people give each other every day. They are the strands that weave us together into a caring, human fabric. Hugs, smiles, letting someone go ahead of you in line, a compliment, delivering a meal, a shoulder, listening, picking up something that was dropped, the gift of a cup of tea or coffee, a phone call, a note….you get the idea. Usually, you don’t know how what you do impacts others, only how it, or what someone else does effects you. Maybe, someone says thank you, most often not – but both people feel a little warmer inside and their day improves.

Thank you to my husband for the extra big hug and listening last night. Thank you to the person who tracked me down to let me know how happy she is with the job we are doing. Thank you to my staff who are making a difference by doing their jobs well. Thank you for the smiling pansy faces that were planted outside of our office door. Thank you to the young lady at the drive through who makes sure she speaks clearly thru the static-filled mic. Thank you to everyone who is posting inspiring messages and photos. Thank you to Einstein, my special pup, for the lap time and unconditional love.  And thank you to the person who gave me the awesome bag of ginger tea this morning!! All of you made a huge difference in my last two days and I hope I also made a difference in yours.

Thanksgiving is three weeks away. For each of the next 20 days I challenge all of us to give others small, caring gifts and to recognize when we receive one by saying “THANK YOU”!




3 thoughts on “Thank You to Those Who Make A Difference

  1. Heartwarming post. You have a beautiful blog.

  2. Beautiful sentiment. Wonderful thanks to everyone who made your week. We don’t always realize how much small kindness mean. Sometimes we don’t appreciate until a quiet moment small kindnesses we have received. Glad I came upon this post. I will continue to pass ‘pay it forward’!

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