Camera + Early Morning Walk on the Beach = Solitude and Bliss (Water, Too!)

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Every now and then I am fortunate and able to spend a few days at the beach.  Sunrise at Orange Beach, Alabama is amazing.  There are usually a few early risers strolling into the sunrise, but mostly it’s me, my camera, and the pelicans and the lone great blue heron welcoming the day.  It is solitude and bliss; peace and natural drama; and nourishment for my soul.  I hope you enjoy this first attempt at a slide show!


19 thoughts on “Camera + Early Morning Walk on the Beach = Solitude and Bliss (Water, Too!)

  1. beautiful! much better than my mornings, which are spent sitting in traffic on my commute to work. 🙂

    • Lovelier than most of my mornings, too! SC is easier on traffic than many places, but it’s still there! The beach is one of those awesome places to be reinvigorated – can’t wait until I go in January!!

  2. I really like the colours and contour on the waves before the sunrise! Great shot

  3. My favourite is Solitary Flight

  4. I looked through your photo’s and I thought I saw one I took last weekend(it wasn’t though! lol), a real good snap of a Blue Heron, it was standing beside a creek that was overflowing with water from a rain storm, not far from it was a group of people with a little girl that kept screaming at it and trying to scare it away, I was lucky I got the pictures I did! If you care to look it’s under Weekly Photo Challenge: Book Cover. I love the pictures and Beach you took the photo’s at!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. Very nice slide show.

  6. Exquisite photos. I can’t find a favorite, they are so wonderfully composed. Beautiful

  7. I love the gallery photos! Especially the ones of the heron.

  8. Great slideshow. Really enjoyed seeing the sunrise.

  9. THank you for this! I miss those familiar east coast (OK, Gulf Coast too) denizens – the pelican, the Black Skimmer, the heron…and the beautiful water itself.

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