Swarming Holiday Mice


Every year, I make edible mice for our office holiday potluck. Lined up to harden, they appear ready to swarm off the counter and race away!


19 thoughts on “Swarming Holiday Mice

  1. Frightening an yummy both at the same time. I love your take on “swarm”.

  2. Lol, a swarm indeed. Great job.

  3. omg they are edible? hahah cute n scary lol

  4. What a great way to meet the photo challenge! What are they made of?

    • The body is a cherry with a stem dipped in melted chocolate chips. While it is still warm and melty, you stick on a chocolate kiss for the head and tuck a couple of almond slices in between for the ears. After they firm up, take those little tubes of writing frosting and decorate the faces however you like! They are lots of fun to make with kids. There are a number of variations on the internet. These are our family’s version.

  5. So cute! My human made the meringue version of them for a Christmas cookie exchange several years ago. She had a photo of them in the oven with the door open…all those little eyes staring out…mol. Unfortunately she lost it when that computer crashed. I’m ready to catch any that try to race away! =^,,^=

  6. Wow – I thought they were clockwork mice when I first saw the photo. They look amazing and a good choice for the theme.

  7. Definitely the most unique swarm! These are great.

  8. Eek — a scary-looking swarm! And yum too 🙂 They must be fun to make!

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