Gallery of a Day of Finding YELLOW

Nature and marketing – it is amazing how much YELLOW is used by both! Breakfast and a trip to Lowe’s and Tractor Supply with my husband. Yellow flowers, lemon, and eggs and then….yellow everywhere at both stores :-).

This was an interesting project. I have never before used color as the common theme in a series of photos. I chose yellow in protest of Christmas being pushed at the stores before we’ve enjoyed my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

In pursuit of YELLOW, I examined products that I usually walk right by, and then became aware of how the mix of colors and shapes on the shelves work together to draw attention. I’m sure there is a sound scientific basis for why certain colors are next to each other, which height shelf an item is on, why some things hang, some are stacked, some are in rows, etc. As these stores cater to men, is YELLOW a color that attracts a man’s eye? My husband can spot a display of DeWalt tools at the far end of any store we are in! Whatever the reason, YELLOW was everywhere!


10 thoughts on “Gallery of a Day of Finding YELLOW

  1. Very fun mix of items! It’s always nice if a Photo 101 assignment leads to an outing 🙂

    • Thanks! I enjoyed your article on computers and writing and the photos – especially of Ashville – one of my favorite places to visit!!!

      • Thanks for reading! It was kind of an ironic juxtaposition: Art Deco architecture and computers. I have begun to look more carefully at the buildings downtown since I started Photo 101. Maybe I will become a better observer through this experience; I am less certain that I’m becoming a better photographer, but, it’s all learning, right? 🙂

  2. Hi – I love this! Yellow is a great colour and I’m amazed that you found so much yellow in one day.
    @tildy1 did something similar with green:
    I will have to try this out as well.
    Cheers – great pics, especially the flowers at the bottom.

  3. Who know that one could come across so much yellow in a single day? I guess this is what happens when you are actually looking 😀

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