Treasured Time!


Today’s theme, “Treasure,” is perfect!

Laying in bed this morning,  enjoying the few minutes between waking up and the dogs realizing walks and breakfast were in the offing, I was trying to figure out how to capture the essence of the treasure of 35 years of marriage.  All the ups and downs, kids, pets, careers, moving, home renovations,  who’s cooking, joys and sorrows,  and gradually mellowing into who we are today.  As my husband isn’t inclined to let me post his picture,  I was considering various options.   Rings – too newlywed (and I’m not sure my husband even knows where his is).  Flowers – pretty, but not the essence of us.

Love is so much richer now than when we started out. The small, daily moments are the foundation of our shared treasure.  Coffee, tea, morning time together – that’s us, but I’ve already posted that one for the “Connect” post. When we opened our cards, we both knew that this was perfect! Today,  we are on the same page and started year 36 with a good laugh!!


15 thoughts on “Treasured Time!

  1. Happy Anniversary then! Thanks for sharing such a lovely treasure with us.

  2. How funny, you are obviously a perfect match!

  3. Love it. Congrats on your anniversary.

  4. Wonderful story! Happy anniversary!

  5. They say that the longer you are married the more “alike” you become. Now I know this is true! You both bought the same card!!! Hahaha!

  6. The cards are perfect but I wish I saw more! lol!! What you say in your post is Priceless! I read it to my hubby of 25 yrs, all he could say was all the negative stuff, then I replied ” But we’re still together so something is good! Then he said “yes all those things are still great, your my best friend and I love you! Sometimes it’s said best by someone else…
    YOU , Thank you for writing about your Treasured Time!
    Teresa (Ladybuggz)

    • Wow! Thanks! Congratulations on 25 years. I have to say that things have definitely gotten better in the last 10. Since our son is now out on hisv own, we’ve had to relearn how to be a couple and adjust our priorities. It’s a different kind of romance!

  7. 35 years! That’s an achievement!

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