Trio of Edges

As with the other assignments this month, “EDGE” had me looking at many things with a new perspective! There are many things waiting to be photographed that have “sharp terminating borders; a margin; a brink; or are the boundary line of a surface.” Here are three photos representing different interpretations of “Edge”. The first I took today, with the help of our two roughhousing dogs, Einstein and Rockne. The other two are photos from my iPhone library. Which is your favorite?

Bamboo Edges

Bamboo Edges

My very talented brother gifted me with this lovely bamboo cutting board that he created from scraps. I love the contrast between the narrow edge and the cutting surface.

I'm Hiding - Can You Find Me?

I’m Hiding – Can You Find Me?

Edges within edges. Can you find the edges of the lizard?

Dock to the Lake Edge

Dock to the Lake Edge

Every now and then, the electric company lowers Lake Murray to do maintenance around the perimeter. Combined with a drought, the edge of the lake receded further than normal leaving docks stretching over seldom seen land and barely reaching the water. There are so many edges in this photo – the dock, the normal shore line, the land that is normally under water, the water line, the far shore, and the skyline!

Ear Cleaning Einstein Style

Ear Cleaning Einstein Style

My helpers! After rolling around on the floor and wanting attention, Rockne got his ears cleaned by Einstein to take the edge off and then it was nap time 🙂


4 thoughts on “Trio of Edges

  1. My favorite is the one with the dock. Wish you could have caught more of the lizard. It would have been really cute if you could have got his head sticking out from behind the tree. 😉

  2. The bamboo board is lovely, but I also like the dock best: visually, it pulled me towards the water.

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