Spring Time Sights and Scents

  For months, life has been frantically chaotic and busy.  The realization of how little “me time and tea time” I have carved out for myself finally sank in when I walked the dogs around the yard and realized that that I am missing the best part of spring and my soul is suffering needlessly. 

I’m nourishing myself this afternoon ensconced in the sun room, iced tea with fresh mint and lemon in hand and relaxing to the sights, sounds and scents of spring in South Carolina. It is so lovely!! Not too hot, not too humid, the ceiling fan is lazily moving the air around and a soft breeze is coming thru the screens.  Come join me…

The hummingbirds, goldfinches, woodpeckers, chickadees, jays, and cardinals fly in and out showing off their bright spring attire and providing a concert of cheeps and trills. Mozart could not compose anything as lovely. 

The squirrels add comic relief as they chase each other up and down the river birch and across the deck, stopping long enough to ask “Hi, where have you been?” as they peek in through the bottom section of the glass door.  Industrious little guys digging last year’s nuts out of flower beds and pots and teasing the cat thru the screened windows. They sooo know what they are doing! Samantha may be old, but she still has enough oomph to give them a short chase – I suspect going up a tree is not on her list anymore. The squirrels are safe. 

A family of deer graze their way around the yard. Their rich sable coats glistening in the late afternoon sun as they nibble and the younger ones play. Last year’s fawns are still hanging out with mom.  So peaceful!

And best of all, the breeze brings the amazing scent of the gardenia blossoms around from the side of the house and gently into the sun room! Can you smell it?  Mmmmm spring in my own little section of heaven!!



4 thoughts on “Spring Time Sights and Scents

  1. How pleasant! I wish I was there.

  2. Impresionantes fotos y me has hecho sentir que podía olerlas. Gracias.

  3. How beautiful – here it has been snowing all day and the sky never made it past the grey colour of early dawn. Reading your post makes me think of the old Bambi disney movie – all the birds and animals at peace with each other and the world – how fortunate you are. Thanks very much for following my blog – thankfully I followed back to yours and discovered a world of serenity and beauty. All the best Poli

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