Treasured Time!


Today’s theme, “Treasure,” is perfect!

Laying in bed this morning,  enjoying the few minutes between waking up and the dogs realizing walks and breakfast were in the offing, I was trying to figure out how to capture the essence of the treasure of 35 years of marriage.  All the ups and downs, kids, pets, careers, moving, home renovations,  who’s cooking, joys and sorrows,  and gradually mellowing into who we are today.  As my husband isn’t inclined to let me post his picture,  I was considering various options.   Rings – too newlywed (and I’m not sure my husband even knows where his is).  Flowers – pretty, but not the essence of us.

Love is so much richer now than when we started out. The small, daily moments are the foundation of our shared treasure.  Coffee, tea, morning time together – that’s us, but I’ve already posted that one for the “Connect” post. When we opened our cards, we both knew that this was perfect! Today,  we are on the same page and started year 36 with a good laugh!!


Gallery of a Day of Finding YELLOW

Nature and marketing – it is amazing how much YELLOW is used by both! Breakfast and a trip to Lowe’s and Tractor Supply with my husband. Yellow flowers, lemon, and eggs and then….yellow everywhere at both stores :-).

This was an interesting project. I have never before used color as the common theme in a series of photos. I chose yellow in protest of Christmas being pushed at the stores before we’ve enjoyed my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

In pursuit of YELLOW, I examined products that I usually walk right by, and then became aware of how the mix of colors and shapes on the shelves work together to draw attention. I’m sure there is a sound scientific basis for why certain colors are next to each other, which height shelf an item is on, why some things hang, some are stacked, some are in rows, etc. As these stores cater to men, is YELLOW a color that attracts a man’s eye? My husband can spot a display of DeWalt tools at the far end of any store we are in! Whatever the reason, YELLOW was everywhere!

What’s Growing In Here?

Dwarf Palmettos Flourishing in the Swamp at Barataria Preserve in Jean LaFitte Historical National Park & Preserve

Dwarf Palmettos Flourishing in the Swamp at Barataria Preserve in Jean LaFitte Historical National Park & Preserve

The Barataria Preserve at Jean LaFitte Historical National Park & Preserve is an amazing place to visit. It is worlds away from the French Quarter and the Garden District in nearby New Orleans. Meandering along the boardwalk of the Bayou Coquille Trail offers encounters with alligators, toads, insects, birds, and primordial views through the swamp. It is amazing and creepily beautiful.