Tea for Two and Chocolate, Too!

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Afternoon tea with chocolate in the sun room is one of our favorite ways to take a break on the weekends. We love seeing who will come to the feeders and bird bath while we catch up and relax. Today, when we got up from the table for a moment, Samantha decided to move in. These chairs are among her favorite perches for napping and for bird and squirrel watching. I think she missed seeing this squirrel!

How many doubles do you see?


Samantha: Warmth With Light


There was no sun today! No shadows and not much warmth of any kind. Frustrated, I scrolled back thru the photo library on my iPhone and found this shot of Samantha, our aging, stubborn & cantankerous kitty, peering around the lamp. I like the effect of the lamp light on her face. I decided to post it after failing to convince Samantha to pose for a new portrait.